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IT’S IMPORTANT to understand how your air conditioning system works; there are 3 main components that work together to keep you comfortable. 50% of your system is made up of the DUCTWORK (both supply and return). The other 50% is made up of the BOXES; the outside box (condenser) is 25% and the inside box (either air handler or furnace and coil) the other 25%. These components ALL must work togtether to form 100% of your A/C-Heating System.

I will NOT try to sell you HIGH SEER (BOXES) hoping the higher efficiency BOXES will lower your utility bill. Because if that OTHER 50% which is the DUCTWORK, is NOT addressed then you will be WASTING your money. So call me!

My job is to protect your interest.

—Jeff Crumrine.

J.C. FIX MY A/C is a licensed and certified HVAC contractor in San Antonio dedicated to keeping your home comfortable without costing a fortune. J.C. FIX MY A/C can save you money by recommending the best solution for your needs. We service and repair many major brands for ductwork or new systems.

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An HVAC contractor in San Antonio who treats you like family

With hundreds of homes serviced from Pleasanton to San Antonio to Boerne, J.C. FIX MY A/C has built a reputation as one of the most trusted and creditable AC companies in the San Antonio area. We aren’t pushy air conditioning salespeople. We are genuinely interested in solving your problem. When a new unit is the only option, we will gladly install it quickly and with the best customer service possible.

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AC duct renovations can increase your unit’s efficiency

Leaky or insufficient ductwork may be the cause of hot spots in your house. Or, if your AC unit seems to be running longer and cooling less, that’s another sign your ductwork may need attention.

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